Traditional Vintage Brass Vilakku | Oil And Wick Lamp - Ht 44 cm x Diameter 16 cm

This is a traditional ornamental brass lamp also known as the "Kuthu vilakku' handcrafted by artisans from South India known to bring good tidings and blessings driving away negative energies and creating a positive aura in the house when lit.

Crafted with 5 grooves at the top to light the wicks dipped in oil, the lamps is mounted on an elegantly crafted contoured pillar with smooth lines and a large round base on. 

Usually handed down from one generation to the next, signifying as per the Hindu tradition, the moving from darkness of life into light bringing joy and prosperity to all. 

The lamp measures:

Height of the lamp is 44 cm with a base diameter of 16 cm and a top dia of 12 cm.

Weight of the lamp: 1.25 Kilograms