Traditional Vintage Round Brass Condiment | Spice Box With 7 Spice Containers, Diameter 17 cm x Ht 7 cm

Charm your guests with this exquisitely handcrafted vintage brass condiment or spice box with a round fitting cover and 7 brass containers for storing spices.

Handcrafted by artisans from Maharashtra with fine smooth lines on the sides and the cover, this container is just perfect for storing spices in your kitchen just like Grandma used.

The box has 7 brass round brass glasses or containers for storing the spices and a round fitting cover or lid for keeping the spices dry and air tight.

The box measures : Diameter 17 cm x Height 7 cm.
Each of the 7 containers measure: Diameter 5 cm x Height 4.5 cm

Weight: 750 Grams

Note: You may find minor indentations on the cover and the containers with a non brass finish which are mainly due to earlier usage and the vintage nature of this spice box which only enhances its beauty.