Odisha Colourful Tribal Art With Pattachitra Hand Painting On Tall Glass Bottle

This tall glass bottle hand painted with natural colours of a variety of earthy colours depicts the Pattachitra - Saura (Tribal Painting) of Odisha in East India and displays the fine intricate work and paintings of mythological figures, deities and gods.

The word Patachitra is derived from the Sanskrit word “pata”, which means a painted piece of cloth or a glass and “chitra” means painting or picture. The tradition of making Patachitra paintings goes back to the 8th century AD and is a style practiced among the tribal and indigenous people of Orissa.

Patachitra today is a shining example of an age old art form still being practiced in new and varied ways. 
Traditionally the cloth treated with tamarind paste is sun dried to form the Pata or base. This cloth is then wrapped around the glass bottle in multiple layers after which the Patachitra painting is finally done with use of natural dyes.

Revolving usually around Hindu deities or Tribal themes, this art form is very intricate and 'each piece' takes around a two weeks to finish.

Measures: Height: 27cm x Length 8 cm 

Weight : 650 grams 

Maintenance: Keep them away from moisture and dust. Clean regularly with a dry, soft cloth.