Vintage Wooden Spice Box With 7 Compartments - L 25 cm x W 19 cm x H 8 cm

Vintage wooden spice box with a floral design hand crafted with 7 circular and round compartments and a cover / lid with engraving with a short curved handle. 

Hand sculpted and made from local yet hardy wood, this spice box is a vintage and more than 50 years old, crafted by the tribal community residing at the borders of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and was used by the women to store mainly fresh whole and powdered spices in the kitchen.

The box has 7 round compartments for keeping the various spices / herbs and a sliding cover / Lid with floral engraving to keep the box closed.

The Wooden spice box measures :  Length 25 cm x Width 19 cm x Height 8 cm and has 7 cirucular compartments each 6 cm deep.

Weight 950 grams