Majestic Door Knocker Handcrafted With Twin Peacocks & The Mythical Yaazhi - Ht 16 xm X W 13 cm

This majestic brass twin peacock door knocker with the mythical Yaazhi" is handcrafted from excellent quality brass displaying the skill of the artisans following century old traditions.

The door knocker is mounted on a intricate round metal plate with a floral design and holes to help screw the knocker into the door.

Yaazhi is a mythological creature commonly seen in Hindu temples. It is also called as 'yali, vidala, vyala' and found sculpted on pillars, walls and at the entrance of the side doors of temples. They are excellently carved and are shown as made of parts of elephant, lion, and horse.

Finished with an exquisite patina, this door knocker is perfect for your main door of your house imparting an age old charm from the mid century.


Metal plate with door knocker : 16 cm
Size of only knocker: Length 13 cm x width 13 cm
Diamter of the round metal plate: 9 cm
Weight : 850 grams