Vintage Brass Door Knocker With Twin Peacocks & The Mythical Yali. Height 13 x Width 12 cm

Majestic brass door knocker handcrafted with twin peacocks and the mythical yali with a copper colour patina and a round base with floral engraving displaying the craftsmanship and skill of the artisans.

Mounted on a hand engraved round floral brass plate with exquisitely crafted peacocks and the Yali, the door knocker is perfect for the main door of your house imparting an age old charm from the mid century.

The yali is said to be a guardian creature, protecting human beings both physically and spiritually and is regarded to be a fearless beast, possessing supremacy over the animal world and believed to be the symbolic representation of man's struggle with the elemental forces of nature.

Measures :
Height of the door knocker 13 cm x Width 12.5 cm
The round floral door plate / base has a diameter of 9 cm
Distance between the door knocker and the base is 7 cm.
4 small holes have been provided for the screws.
Weight : 900 grams

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