Vintage Brass Peacock Door Knocker With A Rich Dark Copper & Green Patina. Ht 16 cm x W 11 cm

Exquisite vintage brass door knocker in the shape of a majestic peacock and a large round ring, handcrafted with a rich dark copper and green patina by skilled craftsmen from the state of Madhya Pradesh.

This door knocker is crafted with a heavy 11 cm dia ring which serves as the knocker and has 3 holes for the screws on the peacock for ease of installation on any surface, perfect for the main door of your house imparting an age old charm with the handengraved peacock providing beauty, grace and elegance. 


The peacock: Height 16 cm x Width 11 cm

Diameter of the ring or knocker is 11 cm.  

Weight : 1.65 Kilograms