Vintage Brass Candle | Diya Holder Of The Mythical Yali - Height 22 cm x Width 12 cm

Brass vintage handcrafted candle or diya holder depicting the mythical Yali from the South of India l Yali on a square pedestal with engraving. 

The Yali - half lion half horse has bulging eyes separated by a high crest to the forehead, leading to the back of the head and around the neck, open gaping mouth with a curling tongue and sharp tiger like teeth.

The entire body displays a beautiful flowing form supporting the candle holder crafted with pointed triangular cut edges and a lotus design sitting on a square base measuring 9 cm x 9 cm.

The Yali, seen mostly sculpted on temple pillars in the South of India particularly, is portrayed as part lion, part horse, and in similar shapes including some bird-like features and believed to be more powerful than the lion, theTiger or the elephant. 

Measures: Length 22 cm x Wide 12 cm 

Diameter of the triangular cut candle holder : 10 cm 

Weight:  1.10 kilograms