Heritage Dhokra Hand Crafted Brass Horse On 4 Wheels With Horseman - 17 x 13 x 9 cm

From our heritage collection - Vintage Brass Toy Horse on 4 wheels with a horseman handcrafted by Indian Artisans from Odhisa practising the Dhokra Art of metal craft as per century old traditions. 

Known as a Ghodha which means horse, this masterpiece has been crafted with perfect detailing complete with iron axles, 4 movable wheels including the delicate design and engraving on the horse saddle.

During the days of the Raj, it is said that children of royalty would play with toys like these in their palaces in the absence of other indoor sports. 

Measures: Length 13 cm x height 17 cm x width 9 cm

Weight : 1.25 kilograms

Care: Please clean with a soft dry cloth or a soft brush . Do not use any chemicals to retain the antique nature of this piece.