Vintage Brass Ink Well | Ink Pot With A Peacock Lid & Floral Motifs - Ht 16 cm x Diameter 10 cm

Rare vintage round shaped inkwell standing 16 cm tall handcrafted with a peacock lid hand engraved with floral motifs with a green and gold patina finish.

Made from excellent quality brass by artisans from the state of Madhya Pradesh , central India using the traditional centuries old process of metal casting, this exquisite ink pot in addition has a beautiful peacock lid over the opening and the detailed engraving can be found on both sides of the inkwell . 

The traditional ink well is reminiscent of the Indian Mughal era when they were used by the emperors and royalty to sign off the laws of the land with a feather quill dipped in ink made from plant extracts. 

Size: Height 16 cm x Diameter 10 cm

Weight: 750 Grams 

Care: Please do not use any chemicals or powders to clean this item. Just rub with a soft dry cloth to retain the vintage nature of the piece or wax polish when required.