Vintage 16 cm Tall Lotus Lamp With 16 Petals In A Brass & Green Patina Finish

This exquisite 16 cm tall Vintage brass oil lamp with sixteen lotus petals form a lotus bud in full bloom and opens up to reveal the bowl to light the wick dipped in oil. (one can also use a small tea light candle) 

This interlocked brass lotus is handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans in brass and sits on a Turtle base. The lotus can be closed and opened by taking the closed lotus flower above the base and turning it like a screw clockwise to close and anticlockwise to open the lotus.  

Size: Height 16 cm

Diameter with open petals 19 cm | Diameter at base of lamp 9.5 cm 

Weight: 850 grams

Material used : Brass metal

Care: Please avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning powders. Use soft dry cloth for wiping.