Vintage Brass Elephant Lotus Oil Lamp With Sixteen Petals - 16 cm Tall & Elephant 12 cm x 8 cm

This exquisite 16 cm tall Vintage brass oil lamp with sixteen lotus petals atop a elephant with his majestic trunk form a lotus bud in full bloom and opens up to reveal the bowl to light the wick dipped in oil. ( You can also use a small tea light candle

This interlocked brass lotus is handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans in brass and sits on a elephant base. The lotus can be closed and opened by taking the closed lotus flower above the base and turning it like a screw clockwise to close and anticlockwise to open the lotus.  

The elephant signifies strength and gentleness as per hindu tradition and lighting of the lamp an auspicious sign to bring in joy, happiness and prosperity.


Height -16 cm

Diameter with open petals - 16 cm | Size of elephant - 12 cm x 8 cm

Weight: 600 grams

Material used : Brass metal

Care: Please avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning powders. Use soft dry cloth for wiping.