Pair of Vintage Brass Oil Cannisters | Pails With Lid And Handles. Height 12 & 10 cm

Pair of traditional vintage oil pails or storage containers with curved handles handcrafted in brass by artisans from the state of Maharashtra.

Crafted with a smooth surface and straight lines gently tapering towards the neck , the pail is kept closed with a removable round tight fitting lid.

Traditionally used for keeping oil or liquids during the mid century, these pails were made for utility and considered to have properties good for health and well being.

A vintage collectible.

Pail 1: Height without handle 10 cm | With handle 18 cm x Diameter 9 cm
Pail 2: Height without handle 8 cm | with handle 15 cm x Diameter 8 cm

Weight : 600 grams.