Vintage Brass Oil Lamp "Thooku Vilakku" With OM For Goddess Worship. Ht 98 cm

This is a vintage hanging oil Lamp with the sign of OM atop atop a round oil container which can be opened to pour in the oil and a diya with a flat circular disc for the wick into which the oil drips from the oil well, drop by drop. 

Used for decades to worship the Goddesses primarily in the southern states of India, is also claimed to be one from the several ancestral lamps of a family from that region and is popularly known as Thooku-Vilakku or The "Hanging Lamp.

Always an integral part of Hindu culture and tradition, the presence of these lamps was an important aspect of ritual worship offered to a deity. This reverence for the Lamp is based on the symbolism of the journey from darkness and ignorance into light and the knowledge of the ultimate reality – 'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya!.

Measures :

Height of lamp with the chain is 98 cm | Length of chain is 78 cm.  
Weight : 1.2 Kilograms