Vintage Brass Oil Lamp With 3 Handcrafted Exquisite Peacocks On A Chain - Length 50 cm x Dia 17 cm

This exquisite peacock oil lamp with beautiful engravings on the bottom of the lamp and the centre is hand crafted by skilled artisans from the South of India.

The 3 beautifully crafted peacocks around the lamp displaying its full plumage are sculpted from solid brass and hang on a brass chain with links and a hook.

The peacocks as per Hindu tradition signify beauty and grace and bring joy in the home when lit, hence normally seen hanging at the entrance of most homes and also as a sign of welcome to all guests.

The lighting of the peacock diya / lamp is also significant during festivals and during all puja / prayer ceremonies bringing in light, prosperity and happiness to the whole family.

Total Length with the chain - 50 cm | Length of chain - 30 cm
Diameter of the oil lamp - 17 cm 

Each peacock measures 7 cm in length.

Weight : 1.5 kilograms