3D Decorative Wrought Iron Owl , Hand painted Owl - H 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm

This is a 3D metal decorative owl with fine detailing on the wings, face and feet and as large as the real one standing 30cm tall . A collectors item, handcrafted by
artisans in Rajasthan and widely known to bring "Good Luck" to the owner in most parts of India.

Owls represent wisdom and knowledge because their nocturnal vigilance is associated with that of the studious scholar or wise elder and is also often used as a symbol for education, as a graduation mascot and with attributes like intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power, knowledge, intuition, mysticism and longevity.

The Owl, also in most traditions, signifies welcoming of wealth in your home and business, removes the negativity from your home, office and your surroundings.

Size: Height 30 cm x 20 cm horizontal Width x 10 cm sideways
Weight: 750 gms
Care: Please do not leave it in the rain or water to avoid rust. Wipe with a semi dry cloth to clean.