Brass Paan Daan From The South Of India With 6 Compartments - L 17cm x W 11cm x H 10 cm

Vintage brass Paan Daan - the traditional box for storing the beetle leaves and condiments, handcrafted by artisans from the South of India.

The paan daan has a removable tray with 6 square compartments meant for the condiments that go into making of the paan like cardomom, sukhi or meethi supari , kathaa, cloves and sometimes Tambaku.

The beetle leaves or paan leaves are normally kept under this tray to keep them fresh and is accompanied by a tall flat spoon for spreading the "katha and Chuna " on the paan leaf. 

This traditional brass Paan Daan can be found in most Indian households as the paan is eaten through out the day mostly by the ladies / head of the family and not only offered to guests as a welcome gesture but also serves as a favourite past time while gossiping.

Often passed on from one generation to the next, this is a collectors item. 

Length 17 cm x Height 10 cm x Width 11 cm
Length of the spoon: 17 cm
Weight: 950 grams

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the vintage finish of this item, please use any brass cleaning liquid or just scrub with soap and water. Wipe with a dry soft cloth.