Vintage Octagonal Brass Paan Daan With 6 Compartments - L 17 cm x W 12 cm x Ht 8 cm

This Vintage brass box is a Paan Daan used for the storage of Beetle nut and paan leaves, handcrafted by artisans from the State of Maharasthra.

The paan daan is crafted in an exquisite octagonal shape with a cover having a handle and a latch with a removable 6 compartment brass tray for storing all the condiments that go into making of the paan like cardomom, dry or sweet supari , Chuna, kathaa, anis and sometimes tambacu.

The beetle nut leaves or paan leaves are normally kept under this tray to keep them fresh. 

The long handled flat brass spoon accompanying the paan box is used to spread the katha and chuna on the paan leaf.

This traditional brass Paan Daan can be found in most Indian households since paan  is not only offered to guests as a welcome gesture but also serves as a favourite past time with the ladies while gossiping. 


Length 17 cm x Width 12 cm x Height 8 cm without handle.

Lenght of the brass flat spoon is 18 cm. 

Weight: 850 grams