Vintage Brass Paan Daan From The South Of India With 6 Compartments - L 17cm x W 11cm x H 10 cm

This Vintage brass Paan Daan as is popularly known all over India ( Beetle nut and leaves storage box) is handcrafted by artisans from the South of India. The box with intricately cut patterns into the brass shows off the elegance and the craftsmanship of the artisans.

The paan daan has a removable 5 compartment brass tray inside the box with a lid and a small round fixed container to keep the "White Chuna "on the cover itself.

The compartments inside are meant for all  condiments that go into making of the paan like cardomom, sukhi or meethi supari , kathaa, cloves and sometimes Tambacoo.

The beetle nut leaves or paan leaves are normally kept under this tray to keep them fresh. 

This traditional brass Paan Daan is found in most Indian households as the paan is eaten through out the day mostly by the ladies / head of the family and not only offered to guests as a welcome gesture but also serves as a favourite past time while gossiping. 

Measurements of this vintage box : Length 17 cm x Height 10 cm x Width 11 cm 

Weight: 1000 grams

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the vintage finish of this item, please rub with a dry soft cloth or wash in running warm water with soap before drying. Do not use chemicals.