Exquisitely Engraved Brass Pot | Planter With Twin Peacock Handles - Ht 19 cm x Dia 13 cm

This is a vintage brass pot or planter with floral engravings handcrafted by skilled artisans from the South of India, adorned with identical exquisitely crafted peacock design handles on either side .

The pot is perfectly balanced on 3 oval legs and has a beautiful, round sculptural form with fine delicate lines and smooth curves of a traditional " Lota" and engravings done by hand all across the body of the vessel showing off the skill of the artisan while depicting a floral / nature theme.

The traditional Indian peacock handles lend the pot its beauty and grace.

Truly a collectors item and a fine example of a form typical of the mid century with its floral etchings and motifs on the brass surface.


Height 19 cm x  Diameter of opening 13 cm.

Each peacock measures 11 cm. 

Weight: 1.750 kilograms