Majestic Vintage Brass Pot | Planter With Twin Peacock Handles - Height 17 cm x Dia 16 cm x Circum 60 cm

This vintage brass pot or planter, handcrafted by artisans from the South of India is adorned with beautifully engraved peacock handles on either side .

The pot has a beautiful, sculptural form with fine delicate lines and smooth curves with engravings done by hand all across the vessel showing off the skill of the artisan depicting nature. The pot is further enhanced with a dark patina finish at the bottom where it sits on 3 perfectly balanced legs.

The traditional Indian peacock is handengraved lending the pot its beauty and grace. Truly a collectors item and a fine example of a form typical of the mid century with a smooth surface and delicate engravings with Mughal etchings and motifs on the brass surface.

Measures:  Length 28 cm . Height 17 cm.  Diameter of mouth 16 cm with a circumference of 60 cm. 

Each peacock measures 11 cm. 

Weight: 2.350 kilograms