Vintage Brass Prabhavali On A Wooden Hand Painted Frame With Ganesh Idol - H 44 cm x W 36 cm

Exquisite brass Prabhavali temple frame hand crafted by artisans from the South of India with the mythical Yali and the 5 headed Naag mounted inside a hand painted red coloured wooden frame with a floral design from Rajasthan on deep red silk with the idol of Lord Ganesha - The God of wisdom and prosperity.

Artisans from Rajasthan are renowned for their skill of hand crafting in wood then hand painting floral designs which can be seen on this beautiful vintage mango wood frame painted with flowers  in vibrant colours made from vegetable dyes and once seen on pillars of the monuments and palaces of the Moghul kings centuries ago.

This magnificent wall hanging is a Collectors item.

Measures: Height of the hand painted wooden frame is 44 cm x width 36 cm

The brass prabhavali measures 26 cm tall and 17 cm wide.

Weight: 2.250 kilograms