Vintage Brass Prabhavali With The Mythical Yali Framed On Silk - Ht 39 cm x W 25 cm

Exquisite hand crafted framed Vintage brass temple frame  depicting "Yali" mounted on vibrant magenta raw silk inside an antique finish gold frame. 

As per Indian mythology, the Yali is a mythical creature portrayed as part lion, part elephant and part horse believed to be more powerful than the lion, the tiger or the elephant.

Seen sculpted on pillars of  South Indian temples with figures of of gods and goddesses, this temple frame or Prabhavali - as is popularly known, is crafted with a 5 headed snake hood at the top, peacocks, birds and worshippers.

This Prabhavali  - the never ending circular Halo around an Indian God or temple, is a collectors item and perfect to adorn any space in your home.

Size of the frame with prabhavali : Height 39 cm x Width 25 cm 

Measures: Size of the brass Prabhavali: Height 16 cm x Wide 10 cm 

Weight: 700 Grams