Vintage Brass Prayer Bell With Nandi & Camphor Burner. H 21 cm x Bell Dia 12 cm

Vintage brass temple bell used to invoke the Hindu gods during the Hindu ritual known as the 'Aarti.'
The bell is beautifully crafted with the figure of the Nandi Bull and a round well for burning of camphor. 
As per Hindu Mythology, Nandi is the vehicle for the Lord Shiva and bearer of truth and righteousness. God of skies & destruction, Shiva with Nandi is one of the oldest forms of Hindu representation - dating before 3000 BC.

The brass bell is hand crafted by the skilled artisans from the south of India with a rich  patina from bell metal using centuries old tradition of metal casting for crafting temples, hindu Deities and temple bells. 
The bell incorporates the enlightening sound of Aum which is the basis of all sounds or notes and is rung with the desire indicating the invocation of divinity so that virtuous and noble forces enter and the demonic and evil forces from within depart.

Measures: 21 cm tall. The diameter of the bell is 12 cm . 

Weight: 1.35 kilograms