Brass Round Spiritual Religious Temple Puja Chowki With Brass Urli

Brass Stool or Chowki as is popularly known with 9 elephant heads supporting it is a masterpiece along with the brass urli make the perfect pair. 

Hand crafted by artisans from the south of india with engravings and the elephant heads, the chowki is used mostly in hindu temples as a base for statues of Gods or for the beautiful brass urli as shown in the picture. 

Brass Chowki Measures:  22 cm in diameter x 22 cm height with 3 elephants measuring 12 cm on each of the 3 legs. 

Brass vessel / Urli measures: 32 cm diameter x 9 cm height

Note: The round chowki or stool is also available seperately. Please go to:

Weight of brass Stool / Chowki : 5 kilograms

Weight of Brass Urli: 2.8 kilograms