Exquisite Brass Chowki With 3 Elephant Heads & Ghungroo Bells - Diameter 20 cm x Height 20 cm

Hand crafted by artisans from the south of india with engravings and the 3 elephant heads as legs with its beauty enhanced by the addition of delicate ghungroo bells all around the seat, this chowki is a collectors item.

Used mostly in Hindu temples as a base for statues of Gods, this exquisite chowki can also be used as a base for a brass urli or simply as a decorative piece of Indian handicraft.

Measures:  20 cm in diameter x 20 cm height with 3 elephant heads with tusks and 18 Ghungroos.

Each leg measures 17 cm. 

Weight of Stool / Chowki : 2.85 kilograms