Vintage Brass Sculpture of Lord Ganesha On His Throne With His Mooshika - H 26 cm x W 18 cm x D 12 cm

Magnificent Brass sculpture of Lord Ganesh in a gold and red patina crafted by skilled artisans with amazing detail and fine engravings on the crown, ornaments, jewellery sitting on his throne in front of the exquisitely crafted prabhavali.

Ganesh is shown with 4 arms holding a flower, an axe, a mala (necklace) and a bowl in each of his hands with Mooshika, the vahana or vehicle of Ganesh seated near Ganesha's right foot.

Each symbol associated with the elephant-headed Hindu god is viewed as a reminder to manifest the powers held within us. 
The Abhaya Mudra is the gesture of fearlessness with the sign of OM of his lower right hand and symbolizes Ganesh's blessings and protection on a person's journey through life, especially the spiritual one.

In his upper right hand, Ganesh usually holds an axe, with which he is said to cut off all attachments of life and symbolises removal of your obstacles or delivery of justice. 

Modakapatra, the bowl of sweets in his left lower hand exemplifies Ganesh’s love of sweets. The axe is a tool used to destroy ignorance in the world. The noose illustrates the notion to draw loved-ones close, but also remind us to encircle and save strayed ones in extraordinary ways.

The son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh is one of the most beloved of the hindu deities and worshipped as the God of wisdom, prosperity and considered most auspicious for new beginnings. 

Height 26 cm x Width 18 cm x Depth 12 cm
The base measures 15 cm x 10 cm 
Weight: 3 kilograms.