Vintage Brass Sculpture of Lord Shiva as Dancing Natraja - Third God of Hindus. Ht 28 cm x W 17 cm

Majestic sculpture of Shiva - The King of Dance.

Standing 28 cm tall, this dancing statue of Nataraja or Shiva wearing a beautifully engraved crown standing on an oval pedestal depicts the third god of Hindus. 

Delicately hand crafted from excellent quality brass with a dark brown patina finish by artisans from South India, this avatar of Shiva and believed to be the destroyer of all evils is shown in the form of a divine dancer. 

The dancing Shiva signifies putting an end to an exhausted world, showing the creation of a new world by the Lord Brahma, first god responsible for the creation of the universe and is always depicted with his four hands.

The upper right hand holds a “Damru”, a small drum shaped instrument.
The second right hand is in ‘Abhayamudra posture ’ signifiying protection against evil and ignorance.
The upper left hand contains fire, symbolizing destruction.
The second left hand position signifies liberation.

Measures: Height 28 cm x Width 17 cm | The oval base measures: 13 cm x 10 cm

Weight:  3.150 kilograms


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