Vintage Brass Sculpture of Lord Shiva as Dancing Natraja - Third God of Hindus - H 29 cm x W 27 cm

The King of Dance - Majestic tall Vintage Nataraja depicting the third god of Hindus – This sculpture of Lord Shiva has been delicately hand crafted by artisans from south if India in a gold and dark patina.

In this avatar, Shiva – who is believed to be the destroyer of all evils is shown in the form of a divine dancer and signifies putting an end to an exhausted world, showing the creation of a new world by the Lord Brahma, first god responsible for the creation of the universe.

Dancing in a ring of flames, while lifting his left leg, Lord Shiva is seen balancing on the Demon that is believed to signify his ignorance. That is – when Shiva comes as Nataraj he is on his own, without any fear of any evils, or any obstacles and is always depicted with his four hands.

A cobra (snake) uncoils from his lower right forearm.
The upper right hand holds a “Damru”, a small drum shaped instrument.
The second right hand is in ‘Abhayamudra’ meaning protection against evil and ignorance.
The upper left hand contains fire, symbolizing destruction.
The second left hand points towards the raised foot which signifies liberation.

The yali on top of the sculpture is a sign of protection and well being.

Measures: Height 29 cm x Width 27 cm

Base measures: 11 cm x 8 cm

Weight: 2.15 kilograms