Vintage Brass Singhasan - Throne Of The Gods Hand Crafted With Peacocks. H 20 cm x L 16 x W 11 cm

This is an exqusite brass throne of the gods known as a "Singhasan" handcrafted in brass with delicately crafted peacocks and the idol of Lord Ganesh ( the Ganesha idol is not fixed) . 

The singhasan displays small mythical yalis on the bottom of it's 4 legs and the sign of OM enhanced with 6 majestic peacocks on the sides and the top.  

The Singhasan can be found in most prayer rooms / temples of Indian homes with gods and goddesses seated on them adorned with freshly picked flowers during daily prayers by the head of the family.

Measures: Height 20 cm x Length 16 cm x Width 11 cm 

Weight : 1050 Grams