Set Of 2 Vintage Brass Storage Containers. Large - Dia 16 cm x Ht 12 cm | Medium - Dia 11 cm x Ht 8 cm

Traditionally handed over from one generation to the next, this pair of vintage brass storage containers are handcrafted by artisans from Maharashtra with a beautifully crafted bolts and curved handles on the lid. 

Found in most households in the old time, these exquisitely crafted storage containers were used in the kitchen to store groceries or and freshly prepared food items or as a tiffin since were also considered to have properties good for health and well being. 

The price is for the pair of one large and one medium size container. 


Large container: Diameter 16 cm x Height without handle 10 cm 

Medium container: Diameter 11 cm x Height 8 cm  

Weight of both containers : 1.350 Kilograms. 

Note: The slight indentations seen are due to the vintage nature of this container and only adds to the beauty of this handcrafted container.