Vintage Brass Tea Kettle With A Peacock Lid. Length 19 cm x Height with handle 21 cm x Dia 8.5 cm

This vintage collectible Tea kettle with an exquisite peacock knob on the lid  is handcrafted by artisans from the city of Kolkatta, West Bengal where drinking tea is a national pastime. 

Tea drinking is most popular in all of India and one can find a tea stall in nearly every street corner of any city with masala tea being the most preferred variety flavoured with cardamon, ginger and an extra dose of sugar, constantly brewed using fresh tea leaves. 

This vintage tea kettle is sure to add an ethic charm to your home.

Measures: Length 19 cm x Height with handle 21 cm and 18 cm without. 

The diameter of the base measures 13 cm and 8.5 CM at the mouth. 

Weight: 750 Grams