Vintage Brass Temple Bell On A Chain With Lord Ganesha - Length 63 cm x Dia 9 cm

Bells used in Hindu ceremonies and temples are also called "Ghantas".
This exquisite brass bell crafted by skilled artisans with the figure of Lord Ganesha is hand crafted from solid brass and hangs on a brass chain with links.

One can find such temple bells in all sizes and heights hanging at the entrance of hindu temples in India or prayer rooms at home and it is tradition to ring the bell while entering or exiting the temple once prayers are over as a sign of good omen.

The chiming of bells are also rung to start all puja / prayer ceremonies. The ringing of the bells signifies offerings to the Gods and is supposed to be the first sound of creation, OM and as per the old saying, are also meant to to keep evil forces away.

Length with chain, idol and bell is 63 cm
Length of chain - 46 cm
Diameter of bell - 9 cm 

Weight : 1.10 Kilograms