Vintage Brass Temple Frame | Prabhavali With The Mythical Yali & Lord Ganesha - 43 cm x 29 cm

This is a beautiful framed brass temple frame depicting "Yali" - A mythical creature seen in many Hindu temples often sculpted onto the pillars of South Indian sculpture .

The Yali in the South of India particularly is portrayed as part lion, part elephant and part horse, and in similar shapes including some bird-like features and are believed to be more powerful than the lion, theTiger or the elephant.

You can clearly see the Naag " Snake heads" under the Yali which is a sign of protection of the temple and its worshippers including Lord Ganesha who can be seen sitting under it. 

Weighing 900 grams, this brass Yali frame is a collectors item and has been framed on red silk fabric to enhance its beauty.

Use as a wall hanging to highlight the intricately handcrafted 3 dimensional engravings on this exquisite temple frame.

Measures: Gold Frame Length 43 cm x 29 cm wide 

Size of the brass Prabhavali: Length 25 cm and Wide 11.5 cm 

Weight: 900 grams

Finish: Natural Brass finish on raw silk with polystyrene frame