Vintage Brass Temple Frame | Prabhavali With The Mythical figures and Lord Vishnu - H 40 cm x W 26 cm

Exquisite handcrafted brass temple frame or Prabhavali - Halo of the gods  depicting mythical figures mounted on rich golden yellow raw silk inside a brown frame with an idol of Lord Vishnu - The creator of the Universe as per Indian mythology.

The brass idol of Lord Vishnu - Creator of the universe is placed inside the temple frame and is considered auspicious for all new beginnings and prosperity. 

The Prabhavali  - the never ending circular Halo around an Indian God or temple, is a collectors item.

Size of the frame with prabhavali : Height 40 cm x Width 26 cm

Size of the brass Prabhavali : Height 22 cm and Wide 17 cm 

Weight: 1.20 kilograms