Vintage Brass Throne With An Exquisite Temple Frame For The Hindu Gods - H 26 cm x W 14 cm

Throne For The Gods ! Popularly known as a " Singhasan ", this is an exquisite Hand crafted Vintage brass throne with the idol of Lord Ganesh seen in a seated position ( the Ganesha idol is removable ) . 

The throne is semi attached to a beautifully designed temple frame with intricate patterns displaying majestic peacocks, Lions, the Mythical Yali - Half lion Half horse sculpted on top of the throne found mostly on pillars of temples in the South of India and the Naag in all its glory with a snake hood.

The Singhasan may be found in most prayer rooms / temples of Indian homes with gods and goddesses seated on them adorned with freshly picked flowers during daily prayers by the head of the family.

Measures: Height 26 cm x Width 14 cm x base of the throne measures Depth 7 cm x 13 cm

Weight : 1400 Grams 

Care: Just give it a good rub with a soft dry cloth to clean and keep its finish.