Vintage Brass Milk Pail With Milk Measure. Height 27 cm x Diameter 15 cm

This handcrafted brass milk Pail | can with a pop out lid and a latch not forgetting the brass milk with a curved handle is a Vintage and can still be found in traditional households especially homes in the villages  with 

A typical morning in India is the familiar Milk man or Doodhwala from the closest village on his bicycle going from house to house delivering fresh buffalo or cows milk in the neighbourhood in such vintage milk pails / cans.

The word “Doodhwala” in the Indian language when literally translated, means “one who sells milk from a can or pail”. “Doodh” means milk and is normally sold from a large pail usually a cylindrical tin , brass or aluminium container.

Meaures: Height 27 cm x Diameter 15 cm | Dia at the mouth of can 9.5 cm

The milk measure is 15 cm in lenght with a dia of 5 cm. 

Weight : 1350 grams