Vintage Brass Vessel for Holy Ganges Water | Ganga Jal From The Himalayas - H 20 cm x 42 cm circumference

This is truly A collectors item - Hand crafted Vintage Brass vessel for storing the Holy water known as " Ganga Jal " ( Ganga is the sacred river which flows from the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas / Jal means water ). 

Such brass containers or pots were used to bring back the Holy water safely by religious Indian priests or "Sadhus" as they are known, who trekked up to the mountains and to the source of the River Ganges to collect this pure holy water.

This water was then taken back to their villages / towns and sprinkled on the people as a blessing to wash all sins during religious prayers and festive occasions in the temple.

The ancient Hindu scriptures say that the touch, name and sight of the Ganges water cleanses all the sins of the person and taking a dip in the river, bestows heavenly blessings.

Measures: Height 20 cm with the handle x Circumference 42 cm with diameter of 9 cm at the bottom of the vessel.

Weight: 1320 grams

Note: Some marks on the body of the vessel is due to its age being a vintage piece and only adds to its charm and beauty.

Care: Please do not use any chemicals or liquids to clean or polish the vessel. Simply wipe with a dry cloth to clean.