Majestic Framed Bronze Plaque of Lord Shiva - The Supreme Creator & Destroyer of Evil. Ht 40 cm x W 30 cm

One of the many faces of Lord Shiva - The Supreme God who protects, creates and transforms the universe. 

Known as the Shiva Mukhalingam , this majestic plaque of Shiva with an exquisite bronze and gold patina framed on a vibrant flame orange raw silk inside a copper and gold synthetic frame has been casted in solid brass by skilled artisans from state of Maharashtra, India with exquisite engravings surrounded by the Prabhavali and the snake hood at the top of the plaque.

In Hinduism and as per Indian Mythology, Shiva is one of the most important gods and known as the destroyer of evil whose powers are used to cleanse the world of negativity. Shiva is the Supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe.

Lingams have been worshipped for thousands of years as a representation of Shiva and the art form eventually evolved to include cast metal lingam covers known as "Mukhalingams", as powerful and venerated as the objects they covered and literally translates as 'lingams with a face.

This frame with the Mukhalingam of Shiva measures: Height 40 cm x width 30 cm

The brass plaque measures: Height 23 cm x Width 15 cm 

Weight: 1. 6 Kilograms