Vintage Lakshmi Lamp With 20 Diyas, Swans & The Mythical Yali - Length 81 cm x Dia 23 cm

This is a majestic vintage brass lamp handcrafted by artisans from the South of India of the most famous Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi - Goddess of wealth and prosperity sitting atop a bed of diyas shaped like a fully bloomed lotus flower.

This brass lamp hanging on a thick brass link chain is crafted with 20 diyas or lamps with Goddess Lakshmi as the central figure flanked by delicately crafted swans on either side, twin mythical yalis - Half horse Half lion, inspired by the temple architecture of South India.

The Lamp holds an important place as per hindu mythology and can be found in temples and homes to worship the goddess by lighting the diyas to drive away the darkness from this world.

The lamp wiith the Lakshmi idol as per tradition is considered highly auspicious for wealth and prosperity.


Total Length including chain and lamps is 81 cm with a Width of 23 cm

Length of only the chain : 53 cm

Weight : 3.45 kgs

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