Vintage Jewellery Box From Benaras Handcut With Exquisite Floral Motifs - L 20 cm x W 14 cm x H 9 cm

This beautiful vintage rectangular Jewellery | Storage box with a key and more than 50 years old is hand crafted in German Silver with a dark patina finish by the skilled artisans from Benaras or Varanasi displaying intricate workmanship with hand cut Jaali work and traditional floral designs inspired by the rich Moghul heritage of India.

The ancient city of Benaras or Varanasi is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh dating to the 11th century B.C. and is regarded as the spiritual capital of India drawing Hindu pilgrims who bathe in the Ganges River’s sacred waters. 

Also renowned for its workmanship and metal work, this box make is a perfect gift for a loved one or one to own . 

Measures: Length 20 cm x Width 14 cm x Height 9 cm and comes with a key to lock the box and a curved handcrafted handle.

Weight: 1.250 Grams 

Note: German silver or Nickel can be traced back to as early 18th century and was developed in Germany in imitation of the Chinese alloys to be used as a substitute for silver since silver was highly expensive.

Note: The jewellery in the box is not part of the item or price and is not for sale.