Vintage Hand Crafted Brass Coconut Scraper & Vegetable Grater - L 29 cm x W 16 cm X H 4 cm

Exquisite vintage brass vegetable grater cum coconut scraper handcrafted by artisans from Andhra pradesh, India famous for its brass and copper metal craftsmanship. It has a rich tradition of making metal objects which are used for both religious and secular purposes.

Andhra Pradesh in particular has a history of outstanding metal workmanship or “Vishwakarmas”, which can be traced back to the grandeur and glory of the Kakatiya Kingdom. 

This exquisite grater is hand crafted from sheet brass and solid brass displaying the skill of the craftsmen with its intricate shape, design and sculpted heads of sacred animals at the head of the grater.  

Measures Length 29 cm x  Width 16 cm x Height 4 cm 

Weight: 650 grams

 A collector’s item and a fine addition to any collection of Indian or brass art.