Vintage Ganesha Brass Oil Lamp On A Chain - Length 72 cm x Dia 14 cm

This vintage brass oil lamp / Vilakku is handcrafted by artisans from the South of India of the most famous Hindu God, Ganesha with 6 diyas for the wicks along with a round base under the diyas for keeping the freshly picked flowers for worship. 

These oil Lamps hold an important place as per hindu mythology and are still used in temples and at homes all across the country. They are lit to perform rites or prayers before the God and also to drive away the Darkness from the house.

The lamp when lit with a Ganesh idol traditionally marks the beginning of any thing new/ and is a pious ritual which always have his blessings. 

This elegant brass deepak / oil lamp can also be used as a decoration to enhance any area of your house when lit. 


Length including chain: 72 cm | Length of chain : 54 cm

Diameter -14 cm 

Weight : 2 kilograms 

Care: Please do not use any harsh chemicals to clean. Only clean with a dry soft cloth.