Vintage Hand Pressed Murukku | Chakli Press Crafted In Wood - L 27 cm x W 8 cm x Ht 8 cm

Murukku - Just like Grandma makes it !  

Bring back the good times of home cooking with this vintage wooden Murukku | Chakli press which is as traditional as the ancient and rich heritage of Southern India. 

Use by  pressing the dough straight into the wok through the brass disc at the bottom of the press displaying a star shaped nozzle giving you perfect shape and thickness each time.

Chakli or Murukku is a traditional snack that is prepared during any auspicious occasion. Be it marriage, or baby shower or festivities like Diwali or Ganesh Chaturti, you are sure to have chaklis on the menu. 

How to use - Make a semi hard dough from rice flour, lentils, seasoning and fresh  Indian herbs & spices, fill the cylinder with the dough and press gently with both hands using a circular motion straight into with hot oil and cook over a slow fire till fried to a crisp and golden brown in colour. 


Length 27 cm x Diameter 8 cm x Height 8 cm - When closed.

Weight: 300 Grams

Note: For a detailed recipe of how to make this tasty South Indian snack, please email us at: