Vintage 20 cm Tall Handcrafted Brass Peacock Ink Well | Ink Pot On A Pedestal

This beautiful vintage brass inkwell is a masterpiece standing 20 cm tall in the shape of a majestic peacock. Handcrafted in soild brass , the lid displays an intricately carved miniature peacock to open the ink well. 

Hand engraved with intricate design on the feathers and the plume, the peacock stands on a round pedestal in all its glory displaying both beauty and grace taking one back to the Indian Mughal period when such ink pots were used by the emperors and royalty to sign off the laws of the land with a feather quill . 

Size: Height 20 cm 

Weight: 850 Grams 

Care: Please do not use any chemicals or powders to clean this item. Just rub with a soft dry cloth to retain the vintage nature of the piece.