Vintage Brass Oil Lamp | Deepam With 14 Diyas And The Mythical Hamsa - Ht 36 cm x W 13 cm

This exquisite vintage 36 cm tall brass oil lamp or Kuthu Vilakku with a majestic mythical Hamsa bird and 14 oil diyas is finished in a dark patina finish and spread over 2 levels stands on a round pedestal and handcrafted by artisans from South India. 

The Hamsa, a mythical bird, is a spiritual symbol representing the perfect balance in life and the word is derived from the exhalation of the Sanskrit sound 'ham' and the inhalation of 'sa' - meaning the self.

The Deepam or Vilakku is  traditionally handed down from one generation to the next, signifying as per the Hindu tradition, the moving from darkness of life into light bringing joy and prosperity to all. 

Measures: Height 36 cm with a width of 13 cm of each level.

Diameter of the round pedestal is 10 cm. 

Weight: 1.30 kilograms