Handcrafted Rectangular Vintage Brass Vegetable Grater | Coconut Sraper- L 28 cm x W16 cm x H5 cm

Savor this beautiful vintage turtle design brass food grater and coconut scraper handcrafted by artisans from Andhra Pradesh famous for their workmanship of brass and copper clubbed with a rich tradition of crafting metal objects used for both religious and secular purposes.

Andhra Pradesh in particular has a history of outstanding metal workmanship or “Vishwakarmas”, which can be traced back to the grandeur and glory of the Kakatiya Kingdom.

This rectangular shaped food grater | coconut scraper is crafted from excellent quality sheet brass in the shape and form of a turtle where the tail ends with jagged and sharp edges is used for scraping coconuts.

Measures: Length 28 cm x Width 16 cm x Height 5 cm
Weight: 950 Grams

A collectors item indeed !