Vintage Handcrafted Wooden Spice Box With 5 Compartments & Floral Engraving - L 38 cm x Dia 30 cm x Ht 10 cm

Crafted from local yet hardy wood more than 50 decades ago by the tribal community residing at the borders of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, this Vintage spice box is handcrafted from a single block of solid dark wood. 

With an exquisite hand engraved floral motif on the lid and 5 large semi circular and round compartments , a round sliding cover with a 30 cm Dia and a wooden handle to open and close the spice box, this one is a collectors item.

Traditionally, such spice boxes were used by the women to store fresh whole and powdered spices in the kitchen and made for the community. 

The box has 4 semi circular 16 cm long and 7 cm deep storage compartments and one round one in the middle for storing fresh home made spices / herbs.

This slight crack seen on the lid is a natural one and only enhances the vintage nature of this wooden spice box.


Length 38 cm x Diameter 30 cm x Height 10 cm .

Weight 1.85 Kilograms