Vintage Manual Brass Vermicelli, Idiappam, Murukku or Sev Sancha Maker - H 16 cm x W 12 cm

Just like Ma makes it !

Vintage brass Sev ( vermicelli like salted snack ) or Murukku Maker made from dough of flour and Indian spices then fried to a crisp over a slow fire to make this tasty ready to eat salted Indian snack. 

Other uses: This handy kitchen handy machine can also be used to make homemade spaghetti or vermicelli or idiappam with the change of the discs that accompany the gadget.

How to use: Fix the machine on a table edge and screw it tight with the funnel opening towards you. Install the disc as per requirement . Put the semi hard dough of flour, seasoning and Indian spices into the funnel and turn the handle . Keep a flat container dusted with flour to collect the Murukku below the opening. Fry on slow fire till crisp and golden. 

Measures: Length 16 cm x Width 12 cm

Length of the wooden handle: 18 cm 

Weight : 750 grams

Care: Wash with soap and warm water after each use .

Note: For a detailed recipe of how to make this tasty Indian snack, please email us at: