Vintage Hand Crafted Indian Brass Kettle - L 20 cm x H 15 cm x Dia 15 cm

Vintage brass tea kettle from remote villages and towns of India.

Hand crafted from brass, you can still find these kettles being used to make tea on road sides, in small wayside restaurants and villages where the "Chai wala or tea seller heats the water in the kettle on a coal fire or a gas stove, throws in a generous amount of tea leaves, fresh milk, heaps of sugar and after bringing this tea to many a boil, finally serves it in Terracotta or mud glasses called " Kulhars ".

The addition of cardamon or ginger or spices for the famous Masala Chai enhances the taste of the tea even further.

By the way, India has one of the largest tea drinking populations in the world and no day goes by without drinking atleast 3 to 4 cups of freshly brewed tea. 

Dimensions of kettle :

  • Height of only kettle : 15 cm / length of handle : 18 cm 
  • Length of kettle : 20 cm till spout x diameter 15 cm.
  • Weight: 750 grams 

Note: Glasses shown are not part of the purchase.

Care: Do not put inside the dishwasher. For polishing, please use a mild chemical only meant for polishing of brassware.