Pair of Vilakkus - Divine Brass Oil Lamps Of Lakshmi - Goddess Of Wealth. Ht 10.5 cm x L 9.5 cm x W 8 cm

Vintage pair of hand crafted "Kamatchi Vilakku" - Divine brass oil lamps with exquisite engraving and sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi or Devi Kamakshi flanked by elephants. The twin peacocks provide grace and beauty to the lamp protected further by the presence of the mythical Yali which can be seen at the top of the Villaku.

Before prayers, the lamps are traditionally decorated with flowers and are considered most auspicious as the "Deepam"or the light of the lamps denote and illuminate knowledge, eradicating the darkness and ignorance in us. 

Each lamp measures: Height 10.5 cm  X Width 8 cm x Length 9.5 cm 

Weight: 950 Grams

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